It’s October 2020 — we’re still in the midst of a pandemic and I gave birth to my second child, Chloé 7 weeks ago. It’s been a crazy ride! Postpartum comforts I expected, like being with my mom or family visiting has unfortunately been postponed. In the meantime, my family and I find comfort in surrounding ourselves with colors and smells that make us feel connected, warm and positive.

Flexa Color trend 2020 | Tranquil Dawn

I found this color/color scheme online: Tranquil Dawn™, part of the Trend Theme “The Human Touch”.  It’s a light green-grey color with a blue undertone – a little like frosted glass. We’re loving it.

Flexa Color trend 2020 | Tranquil Dawn | Complete color scheme

One Reply to “2020”

  1. Beautiful honey. Only you’ve always had a keen eye for Color. Has your Mom not been able to visit since Chloe’s birth? If so, she (and you)must be awfully sad and I am too, not being able to see you all. This is also the longest time since Jenni was born that I haven’t seen her. Feb. was the last time she was in FL. Hopefully things are getting better here as they say, and she’ll be able to travel down soon.

    Don’t remember if I gave it to you or not as yet but our new address is 1359 Petone Court, Naples, FL. Loving our rental house and it’s so good to be out of the Arlington!

    Sending love to you all and miss you guys SOOOOOO much! Aunt Dana

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