Holiday Hangover

Holiday hangover in full effectzZzzZz.

It was the quietest holiday we’ve had in a while. But without childcare, I was counting down the days to get some me time. Even at 3 yrs old, my little still gets into our bed at 3 am everyday to touch my neck to feel safe. Excuse me, my necks. All three of them. It’s so uncomfortable. She follows me to the shower, holds my leg as I’m getting dressed, demands I sit next to her or hold her while we play, and yells “mamaaa, where areee youuuu?!” when I sneak off to the bathroom. I feel the love! I’m so happy to have an affectionate child who wants to be with me. Butttt mama needs a nap, and maybe like 10 seconds of no touching.

I finally got a few hours to myself this week. School’s back and I’m able to work again — organising my space, mixing paint and trying to finish some pieces.

Then today I tried to photograph my pieces. Have you ever turned on your camera phone only instead you get a quick glance of your double-chins-jowls-omg-yikes!-who-is-that-angry-face!? As you quickly turn the phone and question who you’ve become? Yikes! It’s happened too many times, and I’m surprised every time. Chins. Plural.

I need a nap.

All my chins need a nap.

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 14.50.38.png
If you're like me and you need a good laugh, check out the Museum of Bad Art:

Lucy in the Sky with Flowers is one of my all-time favourites. Her boobs swaying, her awkward posture on this flowery-gas-planet. Her legs could be doing the jig, or she could be whistling on her way to see her buddies, but instead she’s sitting in a chair, holding onto it for dear life. It’s amazing.

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